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Advertising and Campaign Planning

Creating advertisements and campaigns that raise awareness, attract interest and encourage the desired response through press, TV, radio and/or the internet. All creative work and campaigns are developed with a view to complementing and enhancing each client’s brand.


Creating a vision from a brief, and translating this from the mind’s eye into tangible and valuable returns for clients; specialising in print, web and press.


Evaluating the company’s identity and services and then repositioning the organisation accordingly. The branding process includes the development of a suite of creative tools and a comprehensive brand guideline manual. This ensures that designs for all activities project the brand values at all times.

Internet and Multimedia

At The Idea Works, we believe that web design should be appropriate to brand proposition and the objectives of any website. In order to achieve this, we offer an online audit, web strategy, interface engineering and a specific focus on web branding. Our web development services cover a range of content management systems (both in-house and via our preferred suppliers). We’re happy to work with other companies as part of a network of suppliers providing the various component parts of a project. This allows us to focus clearly on the user experience.


Delivering search engine optimisation, web positioning and targeted or viral marketing to achieve maximum visibility and new business opportunities.

Photography and Art Direction

Directing photography to ensure that all images illustrate the correct message, whilst also enhancing the brand. Photographers are commissioned according to their particular style.


Creating and producing text for all communication activity in the correct tone of voice while ensuring clarity of message.

PR and Communications Consultancy

Advising on all aspects of communication. The Idea Works has associations with several leading specialists to ensure that clients receive the highest service levels and results possible. 

Services offered through these associates range from the design and delivery of internal and external communication content to the development of in-house communication departments and personnel. The people we work with have extensive multi-sector client experience; working with companies such as UBS, JT Group, JVC UK & Europe and NetIQ - to name but a few.

Buying Media

Whether it is recruitment, public relations, education or a public awareness campaign, The Idea Works and its associated media buyers develop media strategies that effectively reach your target audiences. We imagine, recommend and design creative products, plan media and distribution and, along the way, we analyse campaign performance.

By taking full advantage of Jersey’s offshore status we can secure the best possible rates for media nationally and internationally whilst, locally, we have unrivalled buying power.

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