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For any business, a website, is a must; social media, is optional but recommended; EDMs (electronic direct mail), can prove very resourceful; competitions, can be downright fun; and analysing data and SEOs are also rather important. But it seems that online adverts are the way forward for digital marketing. And the secret to success for online adverts? Re-marketing and DNAs (Display Network Advertising).



Re-marketing is a way of being able to reconnect with potential customers who have already found and used your website, and/or mobile app if you have one. Through this method you can bombard, or rather gently encourage viewers back to your website through displaying relevant adverts as they use the internet. These adverts could be for a product a viewer looked at but didn’t purchase, or perhaps for another item by the same company. It brings back the indecisive customer through tailored adverts and offers.



Through re-marketing you are able to reach people when they are most likely to buy and you can have a large-scale reach, among other benefits. Re-marketing can help you whether you are simply looking to drive sales, or if you are just wanting to promote awareness of your brand. This tool can be pivotal to the success of online advertising, and it is something that more and more businesses are utilising.



In 2012 we undertook some work for Jersey Tourism, coming up with ideas to advertise the Jersey Pass and promoting its online sales. To achieve the best result, we decided that emphasis needed to be added on holidaymakers purchasing the Pass while researching their holiday. We did this by posting adverts showing how much money one could save by purchasing it online in advance of their trip. We then took it one step further through re-marketing. Targeting those who had looked but hadn’t bought, we created adverts that could pop up offering a promotional code that was only available for a short amount of time. Through this, we were able to provide further encouragement and enticement, and it is this that is at the heart of re-marketing and why it proves so useful.



The true secret to the success of re-marketing though, is to effectively create and use lists to help with your campaigns. For instance, using our example above, you would create a re-marketing list for visitors to the Jersey Pass page. This tag, then tells AdWords to save visitors to your “Jersey Pass list”. Then, when people visit that page, their cookie ID is added to your list. You also have the ability to build specific instructions into your campaign, i.e. only people within your “Jersey Pass” list can see this relevant advert. By following this path it would only be the viewers who had clicked onto the pass itself, or had placed it in their shopping cart but not completed the transaction, that received the extra promotional code. Therefore the advert is tailored to a specific set of people that have an interest, rather than becoming a junk advert on the side of a site which viewers most likely ignore. It has meaning.


And if you use Google Analytics, even better. Through pairing Google Analytics with re-marketing, you can create and edit lists using the different segments Google Analytics offers, allowing you to truly connect the right audience with the right message.


DNA (Display Network Advertising)

Re-marketing and DNAs go hand in hand together, as DNAs are what can be used to attract the customers that have been located through re-marketing. Having collected data from those who have visited your site, this information is used to stalk (for lack of a better word) the viewer with DNAs so that they come back to your site. It is through re-marketing that these adverts end up on the right websites to attract the viewers attention, and in order to re-market you need these DNA adverts.


But what actually are DNAs? 

DNAs are a cost-effective type of advert that appear on the Google Display Network, materialising around the edges of a website as banners, boxes, or rectangles. Through the Display Network, you can place these adverts on websites that are relevant to your business, service, or product by contextually targeting your audience through keywords and topics, by choosing specific sites yourself, or through – you guessed it – re-marketing.



With a huge collection of websites and mobile applications included in the Display Network (any that show AdWords adverts are included), you can reach a wide range of customers with an even broader range of interests. Various types of adverts can be created and used within this network, whether they be text, image, video, or interactive allowing you to cater to the various mediums and potential viewers and consumers. With the option of detailed reports to advise you as to whether you are achieving your business goals, DNA adverts and the Display Network itself helps you engage with customers leading to more sales (figuratively and hopefully), increase brand awareness, and build customer loyalty.



At The Idea Works we have used DNA advertising effectively for a range of clients, including Active and Close Finance. Suitable for all industries, since placing this tool in our arsenal of online advertising methods we have seen success. For Active alone, we saw an increase in web traffic of 118% to their membership page through this use of DNA adverts.



Top tip: remember to be careful with your budget. You don’t want to waste it on children accidentally clicking links that pop up on the games they are playing whilst on their parents phones. Therefore, be selective to locations where you adverts appear. You should ask yourself, are my adverts and is my business relevant and suitable for this website or application’s primary audience.


Google’s motto for the Display Network is “Right place, right time. That’s the power of the Google Display Network.” The real secret to digital marketing though, is the combination of Google Analytics, re-marketing, and DNAs. Through this mix you can locate and grab the attention of your potential consumers leading them to your website, and hopefully leaving you walking down towards the pot of gold that is just on the other side of the business rainbow.



– Martyn Aubert, Creative Director


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