Arrive Alive CI

 Once again we’ve had the opportunity to work with Prison! Me! No Way!!! focusing on young drivers and their passengers and the dangers they might face on the roads such as drink driving, speeding, the importance of wearing seatbelts and the use of mobile phones. TIW were involved with preliminary focus groups which lead to the design and concept of this important advertising campaign and website including photoshoots and a hard hitting short film which was based on a true life event. Clear messages can now be seen on fire trucks, police recovery vehicles and bus advertising in the Channel Islands as a reminder for young drivers and everyone to stay safe on the roads.


Arrive Alive is a partnership campaign in Jersey & Guernsey where partners are committed to working together to raise awareness to some of the dangers young drivers and passengers face. Our client Islands Insurance are one of these partners who want to highlight the insurance aspect of ride sharing and whether or not the driver and their passenger would be covered in the event of an accident if they don’t have the correct insurance or know the terms and conditions.


TIW were honoured to be involved in this new Arrive Alive campaign which is soon to be rolled out to schools and colleges across the islands by Prison! Me! No Way!!!. Let’s raise awareness, have discussions and pass it on, starting with your own friends and family perhaps?


September 22, 2017


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