De Carteret Wealth – Brand Development 2018

de Carteret Wealth, formally know as PBS Confidential began in February 2014 to offer straightforward, transparent financial advice to individuals and businesses of all backgrounds and experience, who are based in Jersey, or who have an established connection with Jersey. 


In October 2017, partly prompted by a move to new offices; it was decided to set up the new company away from the PBS Group name with its own brand identity that could grow accordingly and therefore de Carteret Wealth was established.


The de Carteret name and history is one of the oldest and certainly most illustrious in the Channel Islands and of course, far beyond to the shores of New Jersey; so with a tangible connection to the company owners, it seemed a natural choice for the business to adopt this title and the prestige that comes with the name.


Using the heraldic, four diamonds from the de Carteret family crest, a distinctive brand has been developed which has been applied to a new website, showcasing the companies products and services as well as to their new stationery and office signage.


July 11, 2018


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