Escape of Water Campaign

Due to an alarming number of insurance claims relating to Escape of Water damage, 2017 is on course for being the most expensive year on record for insurance companies. In the UK £2.5 million is paid out by insurers each day and insurance companies predict that, if the number of escape of water claims continue to rise, premiums and water damage excesses are likely to increase, not to mention the heartbreak and disruption that water damage will cause to its victims, their homes, families, pets and treasured possessions.


We were asked by our client Islands, the Channel Islands leading insurance company to work with them to develop a multidisciplinary campaign to inform the public of the personal pitfalls of escape of water, where they stood in terms of their own personal liabilities, including insurance cover and most importantly what could be done to minimise the risks.


The Idea Works team knew that this would need to be tackled in a very sensitive way and we began by developing the campaign headline and mantra, Prevention is Better than Claim.


We then developed a number of adverts, editorials and press releases to communicate the key facts. Whilst in most cases you would be covered by insurance, that could never fully compensate you for the disruption in your life, listing possible traumatic scenarios such as having to move out of your home for weeks or even months, having to put pets into kennels and irreplaceable possessions being ruined or even destroyed.


The other important facet of this campaign is to educate, which we have tackled by providing practical checklists and professional advice from independent experts, such as plumbers, loss adjustors and specialist companies who deal with the aftermath of water damage.


Hopefully, you will have seen elements of this campaign in the media and made good use of this advice. If not, we urge you to do so… here is a handy link to some very useful information.


December 7, 2017


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