Have you noticed lately that there is something different on your way into Fort Regent? Something brighter and a little innovative?

We at The Idea Works have recently completed a great job for Fort Regent, helping to improve the user experience and orientation when entering the Fort from its multitude of car parks. How did we achieve this? Simple, we updated the signs.

We wanted to reinvigorate the experience of entering and visiting Fort Regent, to inject colour and life, as well as guide and assist visitors. Previously, the signs could be somewhat confusing for tourists, and the corridors could feel dark and unsafe, especially in the evenings when fewer people were around. This labyrinth like quality is what we wanted to dismiss. Our aim, through the new signs, is to ensure that the visitors know they are in the correct place and for their path to be clearly visible.

Working closely with Fort Regent Centre Manager, Jo Mousdale and Colin Stanier the Active Marketing Manager in creating consistent signage we laid the path, and through use of colour and imagery we hoped to create a visually pleasing journey. But there was one last issue we wanted to combat – to help make users, new and existing, aware of what is on offer at Fort Regent. It is such a large space that the possible choices of activity and destination became lost in the vacuum of the echoing halls. So, we decided to lay out the possibilities with the signage. Creating a design that focused on the activities that many varied Fort users will find within the building, we built a veritable “shopping list” for visitors to peruse as they ascend through the tunnels on the escalators to the main entrance.

Altogether, we set the scene for each individual’s particular visit and perhaps have provided some suggestions for future visits. We’re thrilled with how they’ve turned out. But don’t take our word for it – come and see for yourself.


May 15, 2017


Branding, Print, Signage & Exhibition Design, TIW Latest