The Task
Working alongside another local agency the Marketing Bureau, we were asked to produce the 2016 Gama Aviation brochure after their recent acquisition of Aviation Beauport. Having produced the past 5 issues of Aviation Beauport we were glad to have another opportunity to design the high-end publication with a very exclusive readership of passengers. Gama Aviation is one of the most successful air charter companies in Europe and provides a sophisticated service for both business and private clients from around the world.


The Campaign
As the first Gama Aviation brochure for Jersey, we developed new templates following the Gama Avaition brand, giving it a sleeker and more streamlined look.


Similar to the previous issues of Aviation Beauport it includes in-depth information about Gama Aviations varied and versatile fleet, with images supplied by the Marketing Bureau that truly boast the fantastic suave interiors of the fleet’s cabins. Sections such as Aircraft Handling, Management Services and their own Conference and Event facilities are all included, and make for an interesting read about the full range of services on offer. Another unique element is the inclusion of a world map, illustrating some of the many impressive international destinations they travel to, as well as providing some quick general knowledge about them.


One element that worked in our favour was the increase in pages of this year’s edition, this was to deal with the increase in editorial copy by all of the contributors. These pieces are very important because they allow different aspects of the Island to be showcased, whether it’s the lifestyle, its finance sector, business opportunities, fantastic restaurants, or the beauty of Jersey’s natural environment.


The Result
The latest issue of the Gama Aviation annual brochure is available on all their aircrafts and is being offered as reading material for private and business clients being flown to such far away places as Dubai, Rio, Hong Kong and Cape Town (to name but a few!)


November 8, 2016


Copywriting, Graphic Design, PR/Communications Consultancy, Print