The Task
Earlier this year we were approached by Jersey Heritage to help them find a solution for an interactive, electronic system for visitors to use in different display areas around the Maritime Museum which would collate various images of display object and facts. Some of us in the studio would admit to being a bit of a history boffin, so the project certainly appealed both creatively and for catching up on a spot of local history.


The Campaign 

Having researched various interactive media options the team decided that the best use of technology and software would be Apple iPad’s, using the software app… iBooks. Once agreed with Jersey Heritage that this would be the right course to take; we then began analyzing and structuring the information so that everything would be clear, concise and sectioned accordingly; something that was essential for use on iPads.


The decision was made for six books to be created, each on separate topics to do with the rich maritime history that Jersey has – Boats, People, Elements and lastly 3 books collating photos relative to their display section. With a template chosen for the iBooks designed and ready, we went ahead with the process of creating the pages for each book in French and English.


Aside from the technical and creative side of the project, it was particularly interesting to have access to imagery of Jersey from centuries ago. From steamships arriving at St Helier harbour in the 19th Century surrounded by crowds of people in Victorian clothing, to the storm damaged coastline of Jersey in the 1960’s (the 2014 storm was nothing in comparison). It was certainly an exciting and reflective project to work on.


When all was agreed the site build began. The home page and room pages were our first priority as the most visited pages, as of course their functionality was of the utmost importance. The home page lands immediately on a 6 panel slider advertising special offers, events, and hotel services. Featuring underneath is the booking form, probably the most important element on the site, allowing users to input the dates they would wish to stay and then see the room availability, this features on every page throughout the website. Another great feature is the header menu which doesn’t stay static but follows the page as you scroll down, eradicating the need to ever scroll back to the top of the page to navigate to another.


The Result

As we had hoped the interactive and media rich nature of iBooks provided a wonderful new medium that opens up huge possibilities for future iBook updates and other projects we hope to undertake. We are also pleased to say that we’ll be beginning work on some additional iBooks for Jersey Heritage in the very near future.

If you have a similar project in interactive media and would like to look at the possibilities of iBooks, please feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll find a solution that meets your requirements.


May 20, 2015


Graphic Design, Multimedia, Signage & Exhibition Design