For the last few months, The Idea Works has been working with Islands Insurance to develop a new sales and marketing strategy, which was launched with the company’s successful rebranding as Islands.


As with all our clients, we feel it’s important to really get to know how they work, how they view themselves, and, most importantly, how their customers feel about them.


So, the development of a new strategy has been informed not only by the intensive workshops we’ve held with the principal directors, but also by the market research we commissioned during 2015. Reassuringly, as well as showing very high customer service and retention figures, this research highlighted the importance of the company’s local identity, and accessibility, as one of its key strengths is that it has offices and informed staff in Jersey, Guernsey and Alderney.


Nevertheless, it became apparent from the feedback we received that, while overall customer satisfaction was high, the brand needed refreshing and updating.


The next step was to undertake a comprehensive brand audit and, following this, we then put in place a rollout plan for the new Islands brand, which would act as the launchpad for a new sales and marketing campaign.


All marketing materials and merchandising now feature its new corporate colours, logo and strapline ‘Taking care of tomorrow’, and all signage and stationery replaced ahead of the rebrand taking effect on Monday 14 March. We even took the opportunity to renegotiate the company’s stationery contract, and to secure them an improved deal.


In addition, we’ve undertaken a review of all existing sponsorship and CSR activity, a lot of which its customers and the wider community were unaware of. This forms part of the comprehensive advertising and communications plan we’ve put together for the rest of the year, to include radio, press, bus and, for the first time, online advertising.


October 4, 2016


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