Last month saw us concluding the photoshoot for the advertising campaign for Islands. Having already shot seven separate images in the “What’s around the corner” theme, which will be rolled out over the coming year, it was time to turn our attention to the Commercial Insurance area.



The concept was simple – to photograph a white van with a supposed “illegally acquired” TV in the back – shot through some smashed glass to suggest there’d been break in. To make it look authentic we decided to shoot it on an industrial estate, at night. And that’s partly as Pallot Glass had been kind enough to help us with the glass which we could then smash to use as the frame for the shot. As its summer – sunset wasn’t until about 10pm which meant we were shooting late.


Having bagged the shot to our satisfaction we then ran into a problem. Ironically, and without our knowledge, we’d been reported for “suspicious activity” and soon found that we were having a chat with our fine police force and were “under investigation”. Happily, of course, the investigation was short lived, but we couldn’t help sharing the story with you.


It just goes to show, that whilst we didn’t need it in this instance, if you’ve got a business, commercial insurance is something you can’t be without.


November 8, 2016


Marketing Strategy, Photography & Art Direction, Research, Strategy