Islands TV Advertising 2018

Following the success of Islands previous TV campaign, we recently worked with Channel TV once again to film further adverts featuring two local businesses to highlight how Islands, as local insurance specialists had helped these particular business clients and their personal story.


Understanding the needs of local businesses are what Islands do best, they can tailor commercial insurance products to safeguard and protect specific business requirements. The concept of the adverts were to put this across from a personal local business perspective. Writing the scripts, arranging voice over artists and music as well as designing and producing end screen graphics and arranging photography whilst filming, which will be used for press advertising and social media was all part of our remit.


The first advert was filmed over two days and features Mange Tout, local sandwich and coffee shop business. Darren Amy, owner of Mange Tout can be seen behind the counter and his daughter Charlotte was brought in to act as one of the customers purchasing some of their freshly made sandwiches and wraps.


Bobby’s Florist in the central market was where filming took place for the second advert which was filmed and photographed in one day. Cathy King, Manager of Bobby’s can be seen in the advert which showcases a typical day, dealing with customers, making a bouquet and finally delivering it to Islands office.


You may have noticed these adverts which are currently being shown on ITV Channel TV.


Local businesses understanding and supporting each other in the best way possible, that’s what it’s all about!


November 30, 2018


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