Following Islands recent rebrand, we were tasked with giving their fleet a new lick of paint in both Channel Islands, plus a complete wrap for Guernsey Buses.


In today’s business companies often strive to maintain their corporate image by delivering the best services they can offer to customers. One strategy many companies adopt is “organic marketing” which simply put, means turning assets already in use into effective marketing tools. Vehicles are one of those advantages and can easily be transformed as an effective marketing tool to convey a business image.


Graphics and decals can be added to your vehicles, or other vehicles such as public transport, delivering a high-impact advertising strategy that helps to grow brand recognition and your business.


If you’re currently looking to brand your business’s vehicles, get in touch with us and let’s discuss what we can do for you!


November 8, 2016


Graphic Design, PR/Communications Consultancy, Signage & Exhibition Design