JE Smarter Living

Thanks to our continuing involvement with Jersey Electricity we were asked to come up with a proposal for branding, signage and display materials for a new project which at the time was very much in the conceptual stage and known to us as Project Bravo.


Once we knew our proposal and pricing bid was successful we set about the task of creating a suitable identity for the new brand.


After some initial research into what names were possible or moreover available the title of SmarterLiving was agreed by the Jersey Electricity Board and duly registered.


We then set about creating a suitable visual identity for this exciting new project beginning with a set of brand guidelines containing the Logo usage, colour matches for print, online, as well as RAL paint colours and their equivalents in vinyl and acrylic for use with the signage elements.


The next phase was project management and production of all the signage and display materials, working closely with local firms, Waddington Architects and LCV Interiors, the manufacturer of the bespoke interior fittings.


A large catalogue of designed elements were produced such as brushed aluminum raised lettering for the main specialised areas, shop orientation signage, product price cards and information panels. The project also saw the implementation of interactive displays, with iPads positioned throughout the shop, fully informative to help better understand the options available to customers with regards to heating costs and how certain technologies would work in their homes. The walls were decorated with Rafa canvas wallpaper, detailing a green JE hue blending softly into modern imagery of homes to subtly give the impression where each product would naturally sit within the home.


The new SmarterLiving centre was officially opened on Thursday 12th July at the Powerhouse enabling customers to experience the latest energy efficient heating systems and smart technology on the market. Visitors can see touch and learn from trained trusted advisors how they could live cleaner, greener lives and how to be more energy efficient. So if you want to learn how you could live a smarter lifestyle visit SmarterLiving.


July 26, 2018


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