JE Switch Campaign

If you listen to Channel 103FM you’ll no doubt of heard the adventures of the Professor and his trusty side-kick Dobson, the intrepid archaeologists humorously poking fun at the ‘primitive practice’ of burning fossil fuels. This of course is the Jersey Electricity campaign encouraging listeners to make the switch to ‘clean green electricity’. In the latest episode the dusty duo unearth subterranean cave paintings depicting ancient hunters, wild beasts and …. err an old oil tank! Leading them to the logical conclusion that life was very rudimentary before the age of clean energy and that some aspects of life were truly ‘from another age’.


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This has been a great campaign to work on, focusing on both the trade and consumer audiences, providing the facts and the figures all served with a liberal smattering of humour. It has also allowed us to use our design skills across the broadest possible range of media including on and offline channels, point-of-sale, radio and who knows what may be coming soon to a TV near you?


December 8, 2017


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