The Task
We were given another great opportunity to work with Jersey Heritage this year. With the centenary of the beginning of the Great War this August we were approached by the Jersey Museum to design and help layout an exhibition that would detail the lives of those from Jersey who lived through the Great War and how it affected Island life.


The Campaign

n the beginning stages of this project it was important to understand the stories that were to be exhibited and the key aspects about the war that the Museum wanted to educate the public about. With this in mind it was crucial to create a space that would visually lead viewers from beginning to end of the Great War and the 12 selected stories of Islanders who were involved.


The exhibition starts with subjects such as the Outbreak of War and the reasons for why it happened. Then further along, a timeline documents all the historic battles that took place. For the purpose of those who may not know much about the war, this is a great way to educate visitors and make the 12 individual stories that come later on easier to understand.


By setting the scene and help guide the story along, we thought we’d do something that isn’t often seen in exhibition spaces in Jersey and create floor graphics that would depict the shifting landscapes that troops would have seen. From the cobbled streets of French towns, the trenches that Allied forces fought in, and fields covered in poppies, the final floor display acts as a path throughout.


Aside from the production of printed displays, the studio was also involved in the creative direction of a video for the exhibition. Working alongside Mark Errington Studios and Jersey Heritage we were able to produce a storyboard for a film titled ‘Faces of War,’ and plan a schedule for all 12 stories featured to be read. These included diary quotes and memoirs recounted by some of their relatives today.


The Result

The exhibition opened on 31st July to a superb turn out of spectators and local TV crews, it was great to see so much interest from such a diverse crowd of people young and old. The opening of the event also marked the first day of sale for the new publication ‘Jersey’s Great War: an island and its people 1914-18’ written by local historian Ian Ronayne – and also designed by The Idea Works. It’s been a while since we’ve had a project as demanding as this one, but nevertheless it was fascinating to work on.


If you’d like to visit the exhibition and everything else going on at the Jersey Museum we’d highly recommend going! Entry is £9 for Adults, £5 for Children. Under 6’s go in for free. ‘Voices of The Great War’ exhibition will be on display until December.



April 21, 2015


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