Switching from fossil fuels to electricity is a significant step, and The Idea Works are pleased to have been asked by Jersey Electricity to assist them in their new campaign to convince the Island to make that switch.


Taking this campaign provided an enormous challenge in the form of reaching the target audience – or rather audiences, for we needed to persuade not only potential customers, but also individual tradesmen as well as the wholesalers. Although challenging, it was this balancing act of reaching each of the three sides of the campaign’s target audience that proved to be the most fun as we considered various possible concepts.



To the Trade – We’re on the Same Team
In our attempt to persuade tradesmen and wholesalers to recommend this switch to electricity, we first had to educate them on the options and how this could increase their sales and client base.


It was important to reassure the trade that they wouldn’t lose customers by recommending the switch to electricity, because of course Jersey Electricity’s core product is electricity.


The creative approach
We decided to tackle this issue with the image and embodiment of teamwork to highlight that it would be the companies and individuals coming together. We used football. “We’re on the same team.” This was the message we are trying to push, and by designing cutting edge Lama display systems with custom pockets for marketing material such as cards and brochures for customers that would work twofold: highlighting the different products and options that the wholesaler could offer, and provide business for the local tradesman whose name would be stamped in a specific spot within the leaflets and brochures. Together the wholesalers, the tradesmen, and Jersey Electricity would help make the island a cleaner place, without any individual losing out on business, and most importantly, with no loss of existing customers.


With brochures tailored to each individual wholesale business, the next side we had to consider was the consumer.


To the Consumer – One Day We’ll Laugh at Heating Our Homes with Fossil Fuels
The very people we wanted to convince to make this switch. To do this, we knew we would have to consider highlighting the good that this change brings, particularly for the environment, but also the outgoing cost for the client. While this was something we had already tackled in creating the brochures for the variety of businesses to push the products and options, we would now be talking to the customers directly rather than through the shops and tradesmen. We knew we would have to provide the information and present the services in a quick, effective and simple way that above all would be memorable. We decided to do this through brochures, advertisements in various publications, and most fun of them all, a radio advert. Perhaps you have heard it? If not, listen now.


The creative approach
As you may have guessed we decided to look to the position of our possible future selves and use the theme of history and archeology. To do this we created scenes of archeological digs uncovering our current fossil fuel heating options. We hoped that through the humorous radio advert and the variety of brochures and adverts that illustrated how far technology has come in providing cost-effective, efficient, and more environmentally friendly options in heating our homes, customers would learn, laugh and make the switch.


The Results
So far, we’ve been proved correct with encouraging results, for this three-sided sell: directly to the consumers, and to the wholesalers and tradesmen to then target their customers. It certainly has been an eye-opening and amusing ride to electric heating with Jersey Electricity.


May 15, 2017


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