Jersey Film Festival

The Jersey Film Festival has certainly evolved since it first started in 1994 when Kevin Lewis decided to create an American style drive-in cinema for the island. Travelling through Durrell, the Aero Club hangar, and The Royal Square before settling into its current home at Howard Davis Park, the film festival has become a well-known and much-loved event. Up to  3,500 people come to the park each evening for that one week in the summer, armed with their picnic baskets and blankets to watch the chosen movies. The Jersey Film Festival has become more than an event, it is now an island tradition.


Making no profits, Kevin only asks that those who come to watch the films put a few pounds in the collection buckets for the festival’s chosen charity as they leave. Each year the audience’s generosity increases. And after the first three nights of this year’s festival , takings for Jersey Hospice Care had already overtaken 2014. This event highlights what Jersey is about, bringing islanders together to help others.


The Idea Works were approached by Kevin, who asked the company to create a new logo and website for the event. Jumping on board, The Idea Works offered their creative services at no cost. Richard Lumborg, Managing Director, commented: “The Idea Works had no hesitation in wanting to help such an important event in the Jersey summer calendar. It’s an event that all of us at the company enjoy and therefore it made sense that we help in any way we could.”


Hopefully, the success of this year’s festival will help to maintain this tradition. For what better way is there to spend a summer evening than by watching a film under the stars with family and friends, supporting a local charity at the same time.


I love running the Jersey Film Festival, film is my passion and I love sharing it with others for a good cause. Thankfully this year, I had the invaluable help of The Idea Works who have helped to make it a success. They truly have been brilliant. Richard started working on the website and logo straight away and did a fantastic job. They didn’t stop there though. They have helped drum up interest through social media, taking over our Twitter page and keeping people up-to-date with what was happening and when. They have gone above and beyond the call of duty.

– Kevin Lewis



November 8, 2014


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