The Task

All good brands need a periodic refresh and it had been a couple of years since Active has been reviewed. After some initial discussions and workshops we were then commissioned to produce a complete overhaul of the brand toolkit, its messages and values and most exciting of all… a new, fully responsive website.


The Campaign

This didn’t necessarily mean we would have to completely recreate the brand as a whole; in fact, quite the contrary, we took apart the original elements and building blocks of the existing brand to produce something familiar but with a refreshed and modern finish. This also made the project a cost effective solution for Active, something that is of paramount importance to all businesses these days.


The rebrand has crossed all platforms of media, including their electronic direct mailout’s (EDM) and print material. Keeping the original colour palette, we decided to use the colours far more prominently than we had before, whilst using the existing complimentary colours to emphasise vital information. The initial layouts have a very simple rigid square and rectangular structure and with this we introduced new typography to compliment the design as a whole. Working with Active, we also selected some new stock photography which has a more modern, warm and inviting aesthetic.


The Result

Working in close co-operation with content management system suppliers, Webreality, the new Active website has recently gone live. Primarily one of the biggest changes is mobile optimisation to both the website and Active EDM’s, meaning that both are now far more accessible to today’s tech-savvy, multi-device consumers on the go! Take a look at the new Active website here


May 19, 2015


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