Having recently rolled-out a wonderful rebrand, the National Trust for Jersey asked us to look at refreshing and redesigning their ‘Discover’ Magazine using the new brand elements and delivering content and information to their members in an altogether new format.


Having previously worked with some of their team members through our work with Jersey Tourism, it was a natural fit to embark on this adventure with the National Trust for Jersey.


Combining the original membership magazine and the events brochure we changed the style of the publications to better reflect the brand’s values. Discover, Enjoy, and Protect is the heart of the National Trust for Jersey’s movement as they endeavor to preserve the Island’s landscape, both the natural coastline and the historic buildings. Through the presentation and design we incorporated these two pillars, the history and the natural, to bring out the very essence of the brand and its mission as well as Jersey’s beauty. With the use of colour and its fun layout we hope to attract the readers, not only the adult members, but the children who run and play in these protected places.


It is our hope that through this re-imagining and envisioning of this publication that all the Island’s generations will learn and be inspired – not only to enjoy the attractions but to take further actions to help protect the Island. And with all the information in one place, no one can miss out on the range of activities and events the Trust organises and holds throughout the year.


With so much positive feedback since the release of the beautiful Spring edition, we look forward to working with the National Trust for Jersey on similar future editions.



You can enjoy electronically by clicking the link below

DISCOVER Spring 2017


May 15, 2017


Graphic Design, Multimedia, Print