The Task
As the official marketing partner of the NatWest Island Games XVI Jersey 2015, one of the many projects that was predestined in our ‘to do’ list was the official souvenir programme, which we began to produce this spring. With a lot of content to be supplied and many other contributors involved, this needed a lot of time and preparation.


The Campaign

Having first researched various sport editorial publications, including the London Olympic 2012 programme, we decided we wanted to achieve the same aesthetic of clean white space and high contrast images depicting athletes in mid action snapshots. To do this we needed to keep the copy down as much as possible, so with 5 titled sections for each sport editorial decided, a word limit was set to keep the overall structure and layout consistent. Space was also allowed for quotations from past and present athletes, each representing their respective sport.


Tim Shute, a Jersey Student in his last year of a BA(Hons) Illustration course, had kindly volunteered his services to the Island Games this year and created a series of illustrations for all 14 sports, a front cover for the programme and an illustration of the Games mascot Indigo – the silverback gorilla. Tim’s front cover is quite reminiscent of the old London 1948 Olympics illustrated posters but with a modern and contemporary touch. With the games colours red, navy, green and yellow set in the background in freely applied watercolour like brush strokes, an athlete stands in the foreground with his arms raised in the air depicting a true sense of joy and celebration regularly experienced at such events. Elements of the cover helped set the tone for the inside content and complimented the design throughout.


The Result

With the final proofing stages done, the programme promptly went to print and was received just recently. With a matte laminate finish to the front and back cover it has a quality tactile feel when held, which we wanted to achieve for a product that will be kept by many for years to come. The souvenir programme will be available at various outlets during the Island Games so be sure to grab a copy quick when you see one!


May 18, 2015


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