TIW Studio Makeover

It’s all looking very smart these days at The Idea Works… Yes, we’ve had a makeover! Gone are the minimalist white walls, which are now replaced with large splashes of colour, witty graphics and feature walls with historic murals. It’s not often we get a taste of our own medicine but it was fun as well as a challenge to re-design ourselves and find a way to visually represent the personality of our own company.


Having already refreshed our branding to coincide with our TIW20, twenty years in business awards, it seemed a logical next step in the evolution of The Idea Works. Why not take a look at the pictures, which as we all know, speak louder than words… better still, why not pop in for a coffee and chat, and we’ll give you the tour.


November 10, 2017


Branding, Graphic Design, Photography & Art Direction, Print, Signage & Exhibition Design, TIW Latest