The Task
Having previously created a series of iBooks for the Maritime Museum, Jersey Heritage approached us once again with another similar project – this time for extracts from a Journal written by Jean Chevalier during the 1600’s, when Parliamentarian and Royalist Forces from England and Jersey clashed with one another.


The Campaign
We went to work straight away on the layout and formatting of the iBook, and once an agreed upon layout had been reached with Jersey Heritage, we could look into further detail with the look and feel.


We received a series of illustrations by Jackie George to go with each individual extract of the Journal. Noticeably they complemented and reflected the style of illustrations produced during the English Civil War era, and we were very impressed with the detail and quality.


Concentrating on the aesthetic of the iBook, we spent some time researching typographic styles from the 1600’s, and produced a small series of initials to start at the beginning of each extract. As most of the extracts were 4-5 paragraphs in length, we also looked into the functionality of scrolling text per page.


The Result
This project was great fun creatively, and also very interesting from a historic point of view. Reading some of the stories of events that happened right here on our doorstep was certainly intriguing to see how much things really have changed since 400 years ago.


The Journal of Jean Chevalier iBook is now installed at The Jersey Museum for visitors to read, so when you’re next paying a visit be sure not to miss it, it really is worth a read!


November 8, 2016


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